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Large Camera Formats are our specialty!

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On-Set Dailies & Transcodes

Create Dailies with the Director’s looks and synced sound to the editor’s specs right on set.

Full Service Editing

Commercials • Corporate Video • Music Videos • Independant Films
We know how to tell your story.

Color Correction & Grading

Don’t let the viewer just watch your video. Have them experience it!

D.I.T. Services

Today’s productions are like snowflakes. No two are the same. Having a successful workflow that is tailored to your project’s needs is one of the many responsibilities a skilled DIT handles during a production. Data Management, Transcoding, Synced Sound, Building LUTs, Quality Control and Camera Support are all tasks designed to keep the costly mistakes away. Learn More…

Editing & Post Production

At SilverBox Studios, we often look at editing the same way we look at cooking a meal. Some projects are quick and simple edits, much the way one would make mac & cheese. Other projects require many ingredients, planning and skill to bring them all together, much like a Thanksgiving dinner. Now you wouldn’t want to go through all the steps for a Thanksgiving meal if all you wanted was some mac & cheese. Likewise, you don’t want to walk into a room full of hungry people with just one small bowl.

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Color Correction & Grading

Color Grading has always been more than just pushing the colors around your video. It brings a balance and smoothness from shot to shot and scene to scene. When applied properly it creates character and texture, developing emotion in the scenes reaching another level of storytelling with your viewers that make them memorable.

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C O L O R & D A T A M A N A G E M E N T

W O R K F L O W   S P E C I A L I S T S

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SilverBox recently completed a music video project for Red Lizard Films with DIT, editing and color grading support. “These Nights” by Kaity Floyd was shot on location in St. Petersburg, FL by Director Rob Allen and Cinematographer Erik Curtis using a Red Dragon camera. SilverBox edited the offline media using Adobe Premiere Pro, then relinked to the original R3D 5K media for the color grade producing a 2K master for creating deliveries.

Video Demo Samples

Here is some current data of how video is being used by consumers today.

How are you reaching your customers?


Online TV viewing increased (2nd qtr.2014)

Hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every minute

Average hours watching media on mobile devices per month

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We were at the dawn of the digital revolution. We witnessed and continue to watch the developing trends and technologies that become our everyday tools of the trade. We use this experience and knowledge to help companies fill in the gaps of their project’s workflow allowing them to deliver on time and on budget to their clients. We do this under the banner of our client so that their client need not know we were ever there.

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