DIT & Media Services

Successful workflows in Data Management, Transcoding, Synced Sound, Building LUTs, Quality Control and Camera Support are all tasks designed to keep the costly mistakes away.

Who’s looking out for your media?

Editing & Post Production

Owning an editing program today makes you no more of an editor then owning a piano makes you a concert pianist. It is the years of carving and crafting projects for clients that provide us the experience in telling your story.

Creativity that will amaze,
Experience that you can trust.

Color Correction & Grading

Color Grading is no longer an option with today’s RAW and LOG format cameras.  By capturing so much color information you have everything you need to make the imagery of your commercial stand apart.

Give your project character,
plan your color grading session now.

Our Business Model

We were at the dawn of the digital revolution. We witnessed and continue to watch the developing trends and technologies that become our everyday tools of the trade. We use this experience and knowledge to help companies fill in the gaps of their project’s workflow allowing them to deliver on time and on budget to their clients. We do this under the banner of our client so that their client need not know we were ever there.

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Watch our Color Demo