We Are…

We are innovators.   We are problem-solvers.   We are masters and students of our ever-changing crafts.
We are a solutions company specialized in the field of digital production, that creates, produces, edits, color grades and distributes visual content for TV, web, mobile and other media deliveries.  We bring together the creative and the technical, enabling us to look at all sides of a production and develop a successful workflow that maintains the highest possible quality while keeping an eye on the timetable and budget.

Staying up to date with the changes in technology is the key to our success. We study and understand the latest camera advancements and editing software and know how to make them work together to enhance your project. We are more than the tools we use. Our passion and our knowledge drive us to deliver the best, every time.

Rich Roddman

Rich Roddman

SilverBox Studios Founder

As a multi-disciplinarian in digital media, my focus is to bridge the gaps that exist in today’s production timelines by providing services as a DIT, Editor and Colorist along with developing successful workflows for projects during their planning stages.

My 25 plus years of experience in this industry both in Production and Post has given me the expertise to recognize potential issues and develop solutions proactively, as well as have redundancies in place for the occasional surprises that pop up. In addition, my years spent – both in the field and in the edit suite – allow me to natively speak the languages of both domains. What I truly love about my job is that it requires me to be both technical and creative, often on the same projects. No two projects are ever the same. This has taught me to approach each job with a fresh perspective and unhindered expectations.