Editing & Post Production

Our mission is to communicate your brand’s mission,
by creating videos that are informed by the power of storytelling.

Hungry to tell your story?

At SilverBox Studios, we often look at editing the same way we look at cooking a meal. Some projects are quick and simple edits, much the way one would make mac & cheese. Other projects require many ingredients, planning and skill to bring them all together, much like a Thanksgiving dinner. Now you wouldn’t want to go through all the steps for a Thanksgiving meal if all you wanted was some mac & cheese. Likewise, you don’t want to walk into a room full of hungry people with just one small bowl.

So what’s this have to do with editing?

With technology evolving as fast as it is, you’ll find that the million dollar edit suites are a thing of the past. You can now even edit HD video on your iPad, allowing everyone and their uncle to call themselves an editor. This has some hidden disadvantages that most clients don’t see until it’s too late. This is where SilverBox Studios comes in. Our editors have decades of experience and knowhow. From commercials and corporate video to independent films, our staff has the skills to deliver your project’s message to your audience while maintaining the highest levels of quality.


Trusted by brands, corporations, producers, film-makers & people just like you.

It’s 85% finished, but we are stuck…

Many up and coming editors believe they have what it takes but often find themselves lacking a skill set to complete the project. SilverBox can easily become your silent partner, handling just a part or the entire project to bring it to completion. We take pride in handling the overflow of several of Tampa Bay’s premiere production companies when they find they can not complete the project for one reason or another.

To us, collaboration is the key for success

We help innovative companies connect with their customers. We love to collaborate with diverse people who are creating positive change in the world. We are constantly studying new trends to make your videos and brand stand out.  Most importantly, we understand that the foundation to any successful video project is a clear and direct message supported by the imagery and other elements that bring it all together. So when you are ready to get started create something great just let us know.

The Stages of Video Production



One of the most overlooked – and important – facets of business video production is planning, SilverBox’s pre-production services can help to ensure that your organization’s video projects are a success, both in terms of video production quality and in meeting or exceeding their final business objectives.                                 



“Ready and Action!”  We can help you turn your creative vision into a reality. We arrange full service, premium quality business video production services to suit every occasion. Unlike other video production companies, our cameras come equipped with a unique feature – skilled operators who understand your content and your business objectives.



Editing, Graphics, and Color Grading can transform an okay business video into a good one, and a good business video into a great one. We at SilverBox believe in post-production overkill – the clearest picture, the perfect color, the cleanest sound, the highest quality music possible. We have the people, the tools, and the experience to take your business video’s post-production to the next level.

Editing Services

I’ve worked with Rich Roddman for several years in his capacity as a camera operator (Red Digital Cinema), video editor and, more recently, as a web designer. The quality of his work always exceeds my expectation because he truly looks for ways to distinguish what he produces. He listens well and is diplomatic with problematic clients. I know I can rely on him with or without my direct supervision to deliver what I need under the most demanding (and generally unreasonable) circumstances. That kind of trust is hard to give to just anyone, but Rich has earned it. Gregory Wilson

Chief Creative Officer, Politicus®

Rich is my go-to “techie”. From editing & coloring systems to camera operations, he is a trusted leading authority. I have enjoyed working with him over the years both on set and in post and truly consider him to be a valuable member of my creative team.

Jonni Watts

Owner, High Wattage Ads