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Address: 12360 66th Street • Suite H4
Largo, FL 33773
Phone: 727.418.3282 | 813.434.EDIT
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Rich Roddman, CSI

DIT / Editor / Colorist

With almost 30 years in the TV production industry, Rich likes to tell clients that he “fought in the trenches of the digital revolution”. This experience gives him a unique awareness of the capabilities – and the complexities that technology brought as the industry moved towards today’s full digital workflow, leaving the analog world behind. This continues as technology increases its ever-changing pace, widening the gaps between production and post production, each with their own abilities and expectations.

Rich was the Senior Editor and Video Engineer for a boutique agency in New York City. In 2009, after relocating to Tampa Bay, he opened SilverBox Studios, providing services to bridge the gaps between the set and the edit suite to provide successful workflows for productions large and small. Recognizing that there was not a dedicated color grading facility in the Tampa Bay market, Rich built a color grading suite nicknamed The Crayon Factory which is Tampa Bay’s only independent color grading and editing suite. The Crayon Factory allows producers access to services that they had to fly to Atlanta or New York to obtain previously.

In 2016, Rich was accepted as a member of the Colorist Society International (CSI), a guild representing colorists from around the world. In the past year, Rich became a regular contributor to the website and has produced several online insights about being a DIT. At the 2017 NAB convention, Rich gave two presentations: Using the Resolve Creative Workflow and LUT workflows from Set to Post.

Rich Roddman, CSI

DIT • Editor • Colorist