Color Correction & Grading

Color is your best character…

No matter if you’re making a commercial, music video, independent film, or a corporate video the way it is colored will have far reaching effects to the audience accepting what they are watching.  Why you ask? They know color. All their lives they have been looking at colors. They can perceive between a summer’s blue sky and winter’s cold blue. And when doing so automatically bring the emotion of the events with them. They know colors, they know how they feel. We as storytellers know how to use colors to help them feel what is needed for the project to be well received.

Color Management starts early.

When should you first start thinking about color? Right after you have a Director of Photography and Art Director on board. They along with your colorist can develop the color palate for the project. Starting this early in the planning stages makes it easy to incorporate the themes into your production.
See the sidebar for some examples of this used in major shows.

See for yourself of what color can do

Hover your pointer over the image and see the Before and After of the color grading process. All of the images to the left are from the camera original media. The images to the right is the same shot once we created the look using DaVinci Resolve.



Enhancing the beauty of your footage

This shot was taken from the Kaity Floyd song “These Nights” shot on a RED Dragon. You can see the flat imagery of the RedLog Film protecting the highlight and shadow detail. We created our own LUT and added some powerwindows drawing your eyes right to her. Taking what was already a beautiful shot and making it memorable.


Setting the Mood

For this locker room scene of Steven Stamkos preparing for his next game the director wanted a dark focused edgy look. He wanted the viewer to feel the concentration without having to tell them. The before image is what the camera captured in ARRI RAW Log-C, the after is the director’s vision.


Fixing problems captured in the field

This scene from “In Lieu Of Honor” was captured underexposed and in the wrong color balance. We were able to save the production from a re-shoot by balancing the image, brighting the scene to the director’s taste and adding noise reduction.

Remote Grading

One of the fastest growing services we offer is remote grading. You send us your media. It can be an outputted master from your timeline (via our Hightail account) or a copy of your camera originals on a hard drive with an XML of your edit. After a conversation with the necessary parties involved we will grade your project with DaVinci Resolve and export a version for you to review using Wipster. You can comment on any changes you would like to see and then once completed and approved the graded project will be sent back to you via Hightail or Hard Drive. Simple. Fast. Can be from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.